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The most successful people in the world today ALL report that their success is because of the people in their inner circle which they constantly mastermind with!



The most successful people in the world today ALL report that their success is because of the people in their inner circle which they constantly mastermind with!


Clarify Your Goals

End Limiting Self Doubt

Achieve True Freedom

Stop feeling guilty for wanting more.


Each and every person on this planet experiences doubt, fear, and a feeling of guilt for not being happy with their current status. They usually want more money, freedom, a healthier body, and relationships that are more exciting. We know we want it but when we try to validate those feelings, we talk to other people who are living with limiting beliefs and we then agree that we aren't worthy or privileged to getting more.

This is where your opportunity is..... Today you are reading a special invitation to change your path & become a new family member of a group of  people who are in the same spot you are. They too want to be in a group which inspires, encourages each other to push through the barriers and achieve the potential that is your god given right to experience.

This is your shot, and your opportunity to achieve the dreams you have. Guilt will cause you grief and not achieving your goals. Don't settle because it's easy, push forward because it is hard and ends up with wealth, pride, and freedom. 

Inspire people to follow you and not settle with you.

Every week we come together to help each other and we will learn to...

 Define high frequency habits that will enable you to be healthy, wealthy, and have great relationships

 Set worthy personal and professional goals 

 Develop a confident self image that you are proud of!

 Confront our non productive actions and replace them with productive actions

 Overcoming the fear of failure or not being worthy

 Inspire your family and involve them in your journey and business!

 Marketing your message with confidence.

 Be surrounded by people who support you and help you achieve your dreams quickly!


Live Zoom Weekly Meetings! 

Coach Troy & his son, Luke Aberle are going host an exciting 1 hour meeting and teach you how to achieve the life of your dreams! This will be habits which affect both your personal and professional life!

Private Facebook Community

Join other like minded people in a private Facebook community to talk about and find collaborative solutions on your setbacks to achieving your goals. Only paid group members allowed!

Special Guest Experts

Every month you will spend time with experts who have mastered the high frequency habits and are creating impact that is inspiring for us to learn from! Proximity is what will get you access to these amazing people!

The Journey to Success is Simple...

Join HFH Inner Circle

This is an application to ensure you are the right fit for the group. There may be groups that are better suited for you! 

Commit to Learning

Come with the attitude to grow yourself and help your team members grow too. Bring fresh ideas and an open mind!

Accept & Enjoy Your Results

The freedom and rewards you get from this group will change your life,  family, and the people you do business with!



Troy Aberle

Coach Troy is a certified partner of Bob Proctor and delivers many award winning programs such as Thinking Into Results, which is the most comprehensive program on earth that teaches a powerful system which helps you have the confidence and clarity on how to achieve the results you desire the most!

Clients of Coach Troy's are always surprised by the new level of confidence they gain from working with Troy and how  this achievement impacts their family and the people they do business with!

What set's Coach Troy apart from others is that he is also a certified coach from Tony Robbins (Robbins Madanes) and has coached thousands of people and helped them overcome massive roadblocks in their personal and professional life.

Chet Holmes taught Troy how to build relationships that turn into sales do to the emotional experience created within the relationship, which has been an amazing triumph in Troy's career.

Lastly, Troy is a sought after speaker, consultant, and best selling author.

Coach Troy is a very proud husband and thoroughly enjoys being a kidpreneur parent to 2 boys who are successful in business, speaking, and family coaching.

  Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant

 Certified Robbins-Madanes Coach

 Sold over $424 Million in sales career

 Kidpreneur Dad 

 Best Selling Author

Luke Aberle

Luke is a very cool 13 year old young man who has really accomplished a lot in his young life. He is the VP of High Frequency Habits!

Luke started his business at the age of 9 years old when he created his company called Luke's View, where he provides a kids point of view on tech products, camping gear, and photography.

Luke is also a blackbelt in Taekwondo, and a huge influence for his Brother Everett.

Another very cool fact about Luke is that he also works along side Amanda Holmes and helps her team with marketing. This is so cool because Amanda's Father, Chet Holmes was a mentor for Luke's Dad, Troy!

Luke has studied his Dad, Coach Troy and is extremely knowledgeable with large business and the science of human behavior. Like his Dad, he too studies mentors like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and Mark Victor Hansen!

Make sure you are ready for the impact this young man will surely have on you and your family!


V.P of High Frequency Habits

 Co-creator of Kidpreneur Family Challenge

 Launched at age 9

 Taekwondo Black Belt at age 10

 Conducted product reviews for YETI, and Cold Steel Knives

 Expert at Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins Strategies

High Frequency Habits Inner Circle Memebrship


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  • Weekly challenge and accountability
  • And a community of other Achievers...
  • A process to reach your goals
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