Meet Coach Troy

“Tell me what you want in your life & business, and I will show you how to achieve it!”

Coach Troy is a renowned Life & Business Strategist who is recognized as an expert on topics that produce outstanding results for professionals and their companies. He has the ability to clarify the objective and position your mind and actions in alignment so that you create the achievement you want. Coach Troy’s strategies have produced over $450 million in sales for the companies he works for. He is also a speaker, best-selling author, and consultant for companies who need the tactics to stand out from their competition.

Coach Troy’s key mentors are Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and Chet Holmes. All 3 of these powerful leaders shaped Troy’s life and his business to a level he only dreamed about. His passion is to learn, execute, and inspire people with simple solutions that create massive shifts.

As you will see, he now coaches people to learn the same strategies these mentors did for him:

Coach Troy is a partner of  Bob Proctor as a Certified PGI Consultant. Working with Bob’s material, Coach Troy is helping people identify their goals and show them how to develop the mindset and actions to ensure those goals are achieved. This process is recognized by millionaires around the world as being the best personal development program ever developed. It is the methodology that has made permanent shifts in Troy’s life, created new paradigms, and created a culture of abundance that pays dividends in so many areas of his life, and now the people who complete their program, Thinking Into Results!

Coach Troy is a certified coach of Tony Robbins at the mastery level. This material is focused on mindset and the emotional needs of people. Tony’s teaching has helped Coach Troy help people from all walks of life and around the globe interrupt patterns and behaviors that are destructive to themselves and the people they have relationships with personally and professionally. Tony’s material is world-renowned to help people make massive shifts and quickly produce massive results in relationships in our personal and professional lives. Troy mastered Tony’s material to help him end addiction and anxiety and create a family dynamic in his home that is truly inspiring!

Coach Troy is a certified coach of Chet Holmes International. Chet’s material and strategies are the key to Coach Troy’s success because of the Core Story System and the Dream 100 system. These are the strategies found in the award-winning book, The Ultimate Sales Machine. These are the same strategies Troy used to create over $450 million in sales in several companies he worked for. This material is the most valuable business material on earth and has been trusted by many Fortune 500 companies.

It is the knowledge and inspiration of these leaders mentioned above that impressed upon Troy that he could start a new chapter in his life and live life on his terms and be an amazing leader, an amazing husband, father, and business partner to so many grateful people. 10 years have passed and his success comes from his new self-image and passion to help people where ever he can.

Troy is no stranger to the change he will guide you through. He grew up with fairly humble beginnings and with fixed paradigms which had him following a path that wasn’t fulfilling his dreams. He was following in the footsteps of people who were of low frequency and low results. This mindset was not aligned with what he really wanted and he became addicted to alcohol to suppress his depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

Coach Troy is very passionate and proud to include his family in his business. Luke and Everett are his 2 sons who are 13 and 10 years old. Luke is a full-time Kidpreneur and is the VP of the company. Luke started internet marketing and coaching at the age of 9 years old. His purpose has been to help adults achieve their results and see the world through a kid's point of view. Luke does product reviews, social media management, and marketing for international clients. And  Everett is an up & coming Youtube expert and he too is very passionate about personal development, learning, and marketing. This team is managed by Troy’s wife, Robie. She too is very passionate to see herself, and her family successful in all areas of life. Robie is a 2nd Dan Blackbelt in Taekwondo, artist.  They have now started to teach families the Bob Proctor program Thinking Into Results!

Coach Troy’s life to this point is proof that your desire, attitude, and commitment to making uncomfortable decisions will accelerate you to the levels you normally only dream of.

“I am proud of myself and the achievements of my family, they are a result of me deciding to be outstanding and inspiring those around me to do the same” - Troy


Coach Troy’s 5 favorite topics to speak on are:

  • Thinking Into Results by Bob Proctor.
  • Creating business strategies that give outstanding results.
  • Living an exciting life, on a powerful frequency.
  • Teaching parents and children about Kidpreneurship!
  • Creating empowered teams that all work aligned with purpose while generating crazy profit!
  • Designing business and marketing plans that increase sales immediately with excitement!


Coach Troy is here to help you achieve the results you really want to achieve. When you work with him you get a real-life & business strategist. He will guide you through a program that is really going to change your life, and enable you to be impactful for yourself, your family, and the people you do business with.